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Default Re: Pye CTM4.

I desperately tried to keep David away from this backless wreck. I even covered it over with an old raincoat but it just attracted more attention due to the curiosity factor.

It's only a common as muck VT4 wearing a posh frock David. It will probably need a set of scan coils, a LOPT and that's after you have changed 231 leaking waxies and 27 diodes.

The loudspeaker has gone to a better home such as a lovely Ekco T231 and the pair of PY82s to a deserving Philips.

I have no doubt it will end up in the retirement home for television receivers with 'trench feet'. Anyhow I wish you good luck with it and if you are stuck for the valves, I have some good spares. My head shakes..John.
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