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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Getting a good finish is all about preparation.

I'd seek to remove *all* of the existing paint, thoroughly abrade the underlying metal to remove any signs of oxidation or 'spider-web tracks', then go for an acid-etch primer - "U-Pol acid #8" in a rattle-can is available from the likes of Halfords.

Then the top-coat is up to you - in the past I've had decent success with "Plasti-Kote" acrylic rattle-cans - the thing here is not to over-spray in a single coat (or you will get runs) and then to leave the painted object somewhere warm for a couple of weeks for the paint to properly harden. If you handle too soon, or try to reassemble things, you can easily tear or indent the surface of the paint-film.
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