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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Nearly right advice! Things have moved on a great deal in paint technology. The first step is to completely strip the deck back to clean, shiny metal. Blasting is a good technique but flatting with 120 grit dry is good if you have the elbow grease. You can get it powder coated but I don't feel that will be a 'domestic' enough finish personally.

Next stage is to clean it thoroughly. Soap and water allowed to dry after rinsing, followed by panel wipe.

A coat or two of a decent epoxy primer comes next. There are many on the market but my favourite is Lechler 29107. That is a two part primer but does not contain isocyanates so nothing special in the way of PPE required.

Once that has gone off (24 hours) flat it back to 400 grit dry and then you can paint it with whatever floats your boat. For the best possible quality, take it round to a friendly bodyshop for 2K paint finishing. Otherwise a DECENT quality aerosol from a car bodyshop supplier will have you very pleased with the result.
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