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Default A quick Philips PM3217 oscilloscope restoration

Possibly not as vintage as some things on here, but I managed to obtain a 1981 Philips PM3217 for a very respectable 10 this morning. This was actually the same model as the first oscilloscope I owned in 1991. As advertised it was like this:

Click image for larger version

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Good Sunday project. Spent a couple of hours on it cleaning it up. Turned out to have two problems with it otherwise it was entirely working. The A attenuator knob's internal bush had detached from the knob body due to wear. This was fixed quickly with some 5 minute epoxy and is as solid as all the other ones. The second problem was the B attenuator's coupling switches were dirty. Some careful repetitive prodding appears to have cured this at least in the short term - I have ordered two replacement switches anyway. That, a good clean and polish and there is a good outcome. Everything works, including trigger holdoff and delay timebase, triggering is rock solid and it seems to still be in calibration against a separate 10.000 voltage and 10.000MHz frequency references.

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This will probably end up as my daily driver scope due to the nostalgic value is has for me.
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