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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

Originally Posted by Michael Maurice View Post
What paint would I use? I usually buy car paint from say Halfords. Can I spray straight onto the old paint, or do I need to strip off the old paint before I spray?
Spraying shows up any unevenness of the underlying thing. It takes care and sensitive finger tips to feel if something is smooth enough to be worth spraying.

For something the size of a turntable chassis, I wouldn't mess around, I'd want all the paint off. I have a bead blast gun and a compressor in the garage. This makes it easy, removes rust and leaves an excellent surface ready for etch primer (available in aerosols). The job of the etch primer is just to grip the metal, after a single coat, apply a coat of ordinary primer or 'high build' primer. If you see/feel unevenness, you can rub this to flatten it. Spray on another coat if you go through. Only when you are really really happy with the undercoat is it time for the colour coat. The smoothness of the preparation is what sets the quality of the finished job. Depending on the sort of paint you choose for the colour, you may need to apply a clear lacquer coat on top.

Holts used to do a grey/silver metallic aerosol called 'Steel Wheels' that I've used as a good finish for amateur radio gear, looking like the finish Yaesu and Trio used. The finish isn't high gloss, and would look right at home on the chassis of a Garrard autochanger of the sixties onwards.

Avoid cellulose paint. It is VERY fussy about what paints are under it and will bubble up or wrinkle if there are even slight traces of some other chemistries remaining. Commercially, you are no longer allowed to use it, except for repairing things already in such paint. Repair aerosols from car accessory shops are mostly acrylic, which behaves better and is quite tolerant.

I have Land Rover 'Bonatti Grey' in stock which is also a mid grey which would look suitable, but this is in a non-aerosol paint system that needs a clear overcoat. I'll be spraying some next year when the weather clears up, so the guns will have all the right stuff in them to do one for you.

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