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Default Light scatter or something.

Hi Peeps.
Something occurred that may or may not interest you.. but it left me scratching my head... As i have no degree in Physics or anything else for that matter..... I was wondering if any other members may have a reason for the following..
As a few of you may know.. I make / process my own pcb boards. This is always using pre coated etch resist board.
However after etching.. next comes drilling...I was having difficulty seeing some hole centres, even with a magnifier.
I installed a small LED lamp to illuminate the drill point area. Still it could be hit and miss. I wear varifocal glasses.
Then one day I rotated the board 90 degrees in the horiziontal plane and "VOILA"...I could see the drilling points much easier, and from that day, I rotate the material to give me the best illumination, and thus most accurate drilling.
I would think it is due to light polarization, but I am only guessing.
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