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Default Re: 80 meter superhet

Hi Al,

Fair enough, it was only an idea - and like most of mine possibly a daft one. I'd thought I'd seen receivers that had 10Mhz front ends.

Don't forget though Al, sometimes we (I) like to just try things out that are "different" in a spirit of experimentation / determination to make the thing in the junk-box work, with no expectation that it will be the utmost tool for the job.

For instance I'm also building an 80m Rx and so far it is pretty hopeless but I'm learning new stuff all the's now on it's third break to bits and start again! I know it will never be as good as a modern digital rig but it will use up some bits of junk I've got lying about and will give many times more pleasure in use. The first time I managed to get Shannon Volmet to tune and stay tuned for more than 10seconds at a time was a major milestone!

So please be patient with us, I know we sometimes must seem like complete idiots to you guys who are experts, but we all have to start somewhere and this is after all a hobby not a profession for most of us.

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