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Default Re: Remove metal plate that covers knobs

Hmmm ..... the front/face of the knobs seems to be bigger than any hole[s] in the plate i.e. holes that their screwed shafts apparently go through. Therefore, irrespective of the fact that the plate may be glued-on - the knobs must be removed first i.e. prior to removal of the plate.

Ergo - you must access the rear of the plate in order to access and release the screws retaining the knobs. This will probably involve removal of the interior lining of the case etc. (The latter is likely to be glued-in too .... so great care will be required - possibly involving soaking with a benign solvent, or even steam.)

P.S. It looks as though a similar process will be required [i.e. removal of the case lining] in order to remove the speaker and clock too ....
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