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Default Re: Hot Air Rework Station

Originally Posted by davidw View Post
Martin Lynch has some on offer at the moment
Usual disclaimer, I have no connexion other than being a customer.
Thanks Dave - the HAIRUI brand seems to be a step up from the 858D, at least in terms of price. I note that all the HAIRUI products are 'Intelligent' and some are even 'Digital Intelligent' !

I also note that the 858D comes with 3 nozzles whereas you have to pay an extra 7.96 for 3 nozzles from HAIRUI.

I am, however, happy to pay the additional costs if this delivers better results? As Radio Wrangler succinctly put it "These better units are smoother to use, the air is less erratic and it's a lot easier to not blow parts all over the place. The cheapie ones need a lot more skill to get good results."
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