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Default Re: Philips Vintage Record player AG9115

I've only got a French version of the AG1015 turntable manual which means I've no idea what the lingo is saying but so far as I can make out from the diagram the intermediate gearwheel is disengaged from the platters gear teeth towards the end of slider plate 17's return journey, angled arm 23 is mounted on slider plate 17.

Towards the end of 17's return journey, 23 makes contact with pivoted arm 19 and pushes it, thus pulling the intermediate gearwheel (which is on the other side of 19's pivot point) away from the platter's gear teeth.

EDIT: Just to add for clarity, the slider plate 17 is connected to the crank arm that's connected to the large gearwheel that's driven by the intermediate gearwheel.


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