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Default Re: Garrard record player deck identification.

This is a step back to the Autoslim decks...belt drive types.

Already discussed: 125SB, 35SB and SP25 Mk V.

SP25 Mk VI was mentioned briefly but some information was omitted; it had changes from the Mk V model other than differences in trim. Another, almost identical model is discussed here, too.

Garrard simplified the controls on the belt-drive Autoslim chassis models by linking speed selection with record size selection. These were the only Autoslim-chassis with only a single control lever (OFF MANUAL AUTO) on the panel at right-front of the chassis. The speed control had migrated to the left front corner with the advent of belt drive after the SP2 Mk IV; the record size selector had replaced it in the 125SB, 35SB and SP25 Mk V generation, but it now disappeared, too.

Without a manual record size selector which could choose any of the three standard record sizes in automatic play, the new, linked control only permitted automatic play of 12" 33 rpm, and 7" 45 rpm records. Of course, any size 33 or 45 rpm record could be played manually.

For the first time in the SP25 series, the SP25 Mk VI did not have a fully counterweighted, dynamically balanced arm with tracking weight applied by a downward-pulling spring, using the design first introduced in the Garrard AT6 and updated in the 60 Mk II; even the SP25 Mk V which adopted the S-shaped armtube, had retained this feature. The SP25 Mk VI was fitted with the tonearm based on the 125SB, with tracking weight adjustment by an adjustable, calibrated counterweight and no springs; and a gimbal assembly in black instead of silver as on the 125SB. It was much simpler than the AT6-derived design and undoubtedly a less-expensive arm to build.

Another model, almost identical to the SP25 Mk VI in appearance and completely identical in function, was identified simply as "Belt Drive," lacking any SP25 identification (the SP25 Mk VI carried the "Belt Drive" logo, too).


SP25 Mk VI
Belt Drive
Belt Drive tonearm detail (SP25 Mk VI identical)
Belt Drive instruction manual cover
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