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Default Re: Break in to workshop.

I feel your pain Rob, we have an old house with a mobile home on it that we use for holidays, etc. About two months ago one morning I received a phone call from a neighbour to say the front door of the mobile was wide open.. I was very concerned as I had been storing quite a large part of my collection up there after a house move.

When we got up they had ripped the cooker, fridge and gas boiler out. The funny thing is they had to move TV's and radios out of their way, and did so very neatly taking care not to damage them!!

It's the damage they leave behind that is the problem, repairing the door, the cost of replacing goods, etc. We had the police but it was a waste of time. They said another house was broken into and the only things taken were the washing machine and dryer. They said it was probably people that live in caravans setting up a new home.

I wish you all the best.
All the best, John Joe.
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