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Default Re: Replacement 4 ohm speaker help please

Hi Rog,

Your SDT400 music centre is a lovely thing, but the speakers that came with it weren't, even when new! Yes, they have Goodmans drivers, but they were their bargain basement range. I really wouldn't throw good money after bad by replacing the bass drivers.

As many people have already said, look out for a secondhand pair of decent hifi speakers from the 1970s/80s/90s. I have bought several in charity shops for 20 or so per pair, including ones by Celestion, Kef, Wharfdale, Mission, Rogers and so on. There will be some on Freecycle too, no doubt. I would be very surprised if a pair of these didn't dramatically improve the sound quality, for very little outlay.

If you ever come up to Oxford, I have a pair of big mid-70s Wharfedales which work perfectly which you can have free of charge, just message me.

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