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Default Re: Replacement 4 ohm speaker help please

OK. The first picture is of the bass loudspeaker capacitor which shows a value of 16MF. The second pic, which is for the tweeter shows that it has a 50 volt rating, important but would you rotate it so that the MF value can be seen.

Now on to the ebay woofers. Unlike the original speakers which had a flexible suspension, the Skytec 902.245 has as stiff suspension, this is important.

There are members who have a better understanding of loudspeaker design, but from my experience, the suspension is important. For example a bass guitar speaker will have a stiff suspension to handle high volumes in an open enclosure. A flexible suspension is needed in an enclosed or bass reflex loudspeaker to obtain the maximum sound for a given input.

Your loudspeaker designer will have chosen a speaker with just enough flexible suspension so that bass notes do not move the speaker cone too far but certainly enough to create a balanced sound with the music center it was designed for. Note, the Hitachi speakers you have were made by Goodmans.

Unless a more knowledgeable member says otherwise, for the reasons said, I would not buy the eBay Sktec speakers.

Now, both David, of Radio Wrangler, and Edward Huggins makes some good points however it depends on your budget and what amplfier/music center you have and its intended use. Good HiFi speakers come at a price and 100 plus postage isn't unknown and the more sought after well, 250 is not unreasonable.

So its back to you Rog.
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