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Default Re: Replacement 4 ohm speaker help please

A 571071 eh?

This is good news. Now before any recommendation on the speakers you have sourced, would you please advise the value of the capacitors used on the crossover printed circuit board and if the coils have a value.

The capacitors will read, for example, 2.2 mF and the coils 10mH. Each will be different and for reference, a capacitor will be in series with the tweeter with a coil across its terminals so only high notes are fed to it whilst, the woofer will have the coil in series with it and the capacitor across its terminals.

It would be helpful if you would also advise the source of the 19.99 woofer which sounds, on the face of it, good value.

In the meantime, I'll try and find the tweeter details so that, probably with the help other members, we can ensure you have enough information to make a decision on the woofers you have found.

Again, sorry if this is all a bit long winded but, and I mean but, there is an awful lot of detail required when choosing speakers, cross over frequencies etc.

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