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Default More parts offered.

Please reply by this thread, not PM if item(s) is definitely wanted. It will be considered sold immediately and reserved for you. IF you have already reserved anything from my other TOOLS thread, I will add up the weight and then when finished sort out postage cost.
Other than the RS yellow label 12v 30mA bipin bulbs x16 packet and the assorted MES bulbs of which there are just two offers the same, all the others are generally available as multiples if wanted. I would just ask that the R53 and R53A thermistors are not all taken by the same member as they are very difficult to find now. Also the MES bulbs, only one of the two lots available per member.
Postage up to 2kg max second class SMALL PARCEL is 3.50 if total value is less than 25. 25 to 50 (2kg max) will be an additional 1 for signed for. This includes cost of packaging materials that I have to buy. I like to pack items properly.
The MES bulbs will be sent in a small parcel as I cannot give enough protection if all are just in a padded bag.
The 12v solenoids for 8 or less should fit LL. More than 8 will be a small parcel.All other parts should fit in large letter.

Cheque, PO or bank transfer. No paypal. Please wait for my PM with the total and also my payment details. Don't forget to send your name and address as well!

Pictures on this page, are 1 to 5.
Pics A, B and C on next page of this thread.

Pic 1 28V 0.04A les Pack of 10 <10g 3 4 packs available
14V 0.05A les Pack of 10 <10g 3 4 packs available
12V 120mA “prefocus?” les <10g 2.50 for 10. 100 total available
RS Bipin 12V 30mA <10g 4 the pack of 16. No more available
28V 0.022A Bipin Grey <10g 2.50 for 10 50 total available
12V 60mA T1 Wire Ended <10g 3 for 10 at least 20 packs available.
(these are 6mm long and 3mm dia glass bulb. Made by K&L afaik)

Pic 2 shows a close up of this 12v 60mA bulb. Originally intended for my model railway, like a few more of my items I am now offering on here!

Pic 3 34 assorted all MES bulbs. <100g, but small parcel for protection. I think most are unused. All were tested about a year ago, so should all be ok. 2 Packs only available 1 per member, 10

Pic 4 Shows close up of spdt miniature switches by C & K. Nice quality 7g 50p each. 10 for 4.50

Pic 5 RS 347-652 solenoid 12v Strong pull in and releases by spring power off. 45G 2 each
Glass reed relay inserts. Normally open contacts. 3G 50p each 10 for 4.50
9 x MC7912 & 3 x 7808cp These are not recent production. 25g The 12 for 1. Quite a few available!

NEXT PAGE PICS shows The 2 type ferrite cores and the R53 and the RA53 miniature thermistors. All the thermistors check out at around 4.5k to 5.5k at room temperature.
Pic A R53 Thermistors, x 3, used. 5 Each
2 of RA5s thermistors, unused 5 each
5 of RA53 USED by RS and ITT 2 Each

Pic B & C The small ferrite cores. 1 for 12

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I am also interested in and collect 00 model railway. My avatar is Bruiser, he has cauliflower ears!

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