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Default Re: Mica or polystyrene 270 pF capacitors

You're sorted now, but it might be worth noting that H-Fi Collective sell two ranges of Silver Mica capacitors (500V) in a wide range of values from 1pF to 10,000pF. Ideal for padders and replacements in IFTs.

The website is well worth a browse. They supply other items of interest - valve-holders, tag-boards & tag-strips, potentiometers, resistors and so on.

This is the silver mica capacitor range that I use, which are from 2.00 upwards:

These are more a more expensive range (bear in mind that Hi-Fi Collective serve the 'Audiophile community'):

The supply a wide range of other capacitors too - 'orange drops', 'tropical fish' and perhaps more useful to us, 630V polyester metallised film:

They're happy with small orders - no minimum order quantity or minimum value.

My last three orders have been:

Seven silver mica capacitors.
Two silver mica capacitors.
One ceramic valve holder.

All sent first class post.

The capacitors I bought included values from the 'E24' range, not so easily found, such as 110pF, 130pF, 510pF.

Hope that might be worth bookmarking.
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