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Default Re: Bush Dual standard chassis.

Originally Posted by Welsh Anorak View Post
I'm very surprised that transistors were used on the cheaper models' tuner and IF strips - this would be one of the earliest examples of them being used on a large screen TV, wouldn't it?
There was an era of some UK manufacturers offering either a traditional all-valve (apart maybe, from the UHF tuner) d/std mono TV concurrently with a Germanium hybrid model:

RBM with the TV135 hybrid and the TV135L (restyled cabinet version of the TV125).

GEC Sobell with the 2012 and 1012 hybrid and the 2010 and 1010 all-valve.

Thorn had a version of the 950 all-valve chassis with a transistor integrated UHF/VHF pushbutton tuner - the 970 chassis.

Pye/Ekco were the bravest, with their 31F/40F hybrid chassis (following on from their all-valve 11U chassis), which was let down by the "rocket propelled, flying pushbuttons" of the integrated UHF/VHF pushbutton tuner!

Decca stayed with valves throughout the d/std era (IIRC) and ITT/STC/KB did the same.

Philips were a bit later in the hybrid market with their 210 hybrid d/std chassis sets.
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