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Default Amateur radio licence single exam to full

Just a heads-up

The RSGB are running a survey on the idea of having two examination routes to a licence. The existing three tier system, and a new single exam direct to the full licence. The direct to full is purely a multiple choice exam, no practical tests are needed... pretty much as the old RAE was.

Both routes are intended to coexist. You can choose to either go through the stages, or take the direct route.

It has been seen that the level of the staged route looked to be purely aimed at schoolkids and absolute beginners, so it was discouraging people with either serious hobby interests or professional electronics/RF involvement.

If you're interested, licensed or not, RSGB member or not, why not go and fill in the survey. It's a short one, and there is a copy of the syllabus for bed-time reading.

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