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Default Re: Surface mount parts- RIP. (Rest in Place)

Originally Posted by trickie_dickie View Post
I have NEVER glued any components to the board. Totally unnecessary.
I have to agree - I solder SMD devices every day including some very fine pitch quad sided ICs and I just manouvre those into place while looking straight down on top of them through a magnifier and solder two opposite corner pins, briefly melting and moving one or the other again if necessary until the IC is dead in position. Then I solder the rest.

For smaller 2-pin, three pin devices and small ICs of up to about 16 pins I clear all the pads of solder and then put a shallow blob of solder on just one pad which I melt while manouvreing the part into place. That single spot of solder then holds the device in place while I solder the rest.

-But. The OP's discovery of the conductive version of this goo makes it sound like a promising repair agent for those rubber membrane keypads whose conductive rubber button 'carbon pills' no longer conduct.
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