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Default Re: Sanyo Betacord Video Cassette Recorder (VTC 9540)

Whilst the types of Beta video tapes are interesting, I would guess that the enquiry may have been a ruse to reduce the price. Betamax in the consumer world is Betamax.

The important information is if the machine will playback or record PAL I which is the CCIR system which was used in the UK. SA was one of the ex colonial countries which adopted this particular standard.

From the TV Standard directory, SA is said to broadcast on both VHF and UHF channels but here is the point, will the Sanyo VTC 9340 connect to a UHF TV set or VHF one. and or receive both. Only you can tell if the User Guide is not available. For reception, the tuning controls will have a choice of VHF or UHF marked Band 1,3 or IV,V

For connection to a TV, from memory, there is a test tone/video on the recorder to enable the TV set to be tuned to the recorder RF output. Should you have a PAL TV, switch the recorder on to the test tone and get the TV to scan on UHF to find out unless a Forum correspondent can offer advice.

Should it do so then, you can be confident, all things being equal, that your machine will work as intended in the UK and the price will be as found on the web sites which we are all familiar with.

Good luck

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