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Default Philips N4520 alignment problems

Iím looking at a Philips N4520 (four track stereo tape deck) which has an annoying crosstalk problem that I canít seem to get rid of. Playback and recording are fine but if you record on side 1 of the tape, turn it over and playback side 2, with no recording on it, you can hear the recording from side 1. Itís faint and backwards but audible if the volume is turned up. It seems to be worse with recordings made on the recorder but playback of recordings made on other recorders seem fine.

Iíve adjusted the playback head height using a known good recording which has a blank section on side 2 and made sure there is no crosstalk. Iíve then made several recording on side 1 of a blank tape and played back side 2 adjusting the record head up or down each time depending on whether the crosstalk is in both channels or just the right channel. Adjustments have been ľ turn of the 3 head height adjustment screws each time. But I canít get rid of the crosstalk.

I have also played the recordings back on another tape deck and have heard the crosstalk suggesting it is the record head alignment that is out.

Iím sure the erase head is aligned correctly as if I erase side 1 the crosstalk disappears. I havenít touched the erase head alignment.

When adjusting the record head I can get to the point where the adjustment screws have no effect.

Can anyone suggest what I could do next or is there anyone who could check the alignment of the tape path.

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