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Default Re: MFJ Dummyload faulty?

Thank you for your info and advice

Yes, the model is MFJ 260B. it looks very old the casing is all scuffed.

I opened it up, and checked all the connections and screws, and they seem OK. I tightened the screws further.

But even reading resistance across the element in the casing, it is 60 ohms.
All the connection is tightened up, so it seems the element which is giving 60 ohms true.

I hooked it up to TS-130SE, and fired up on 14Mhz with 100 W CW.

The SWR reading is 1.1 on the meter.

I have used another meter for the PWR output and SWR just to confirm, and they were the same 100W and 1.1:1 SWR.

I have another dummyload from ZETAGI DL50 and it reads 52 ohms. but it is rated for 50W max.
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