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Default Re: Attachment in Private Message

In the long run, posting incomplete circuit diagrams & schematics in an open thread, would benefit the Forum community. Especially if they are eventually solved. As the other David says.
Folk have helped me in the past, as I have helped others. In general, many vintage diagrams have travelled backwards & forwards over the internet, being pdf'd or jpeg'd over & over, therefore sometimes becoming jolly unreadable. Many diagrams, which were in fold-out format in the original manuals, now are passed around in A4 sections as attachments. My advice is to carefully Sellotape them back together, then pop along to somewhere that can give you a couple of A3 scanned copies, correct them &/or modify them, then go back to the A3 scanner/printer & reduce them back to A4 for passing on.
Many Forum folk are also BVWS &/or VMARS members. Thus most membership lists display email contact details, enabling contact if folk wish to sign off their thread posts with their real name. If, on a rare occasion, someone becomes obnoxious, use the email provider's blocking facility.

Regards, David
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