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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

Just to correct any misconceptions that the NVCF is a huge commercial success for the BVWS, it isn't - never has been. As it's open to the general public, by far and away the majority of visitors will be non-members so won't have access to the BVWS annual accounts, published in the Autumn BVWS Bulletin each year. Here are the figures for 2016 and 2017 NVCF events, as published in Autumn 2018 Bulletin, with the 2016 figures shown in brackets:

NVCF Income: 14,425 (14,707)
NVCF Management Costs: 12,478 (13,038)
NVCF Other Expenditure:778 (521)

Surplus for year: 1,169 (1,150).

It wouldn't take much to push it into a loss - if very bad weather caused say 100 or so fewer visitors, or say twenty fewer tables were taken, rather than to make a small surplus, it would be into a loss.

The responsibility that falls on the shoulders on the BVWS team, and the amount of effort in organising the event by a small army of volunteers, can only be imagined. Everything runs so smoothly - the setting up of the tables, unloading and loading of equipment, the Marshalls, cash desk, B&B, BVWS 'shop', the catering, and the car parking.

Always nice to hook up with forum friends and acquaintances and to be able to put faces to names and this year was no different.

Grateful thanks to all involved.
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