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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

The event does not make any money for the BVWS. Although it is owned and run by the BVWS, it is operated separately with its own accounts and bank account etc. Profits are donated to the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.

The BVWS do have several tables (for free), one for memberships, book sales and component sales etc and others for selling items from the BVWS store. Proceeds from these obviously benefit the BVWS and the owners of the items being sold, but that is the only money the society make.

The NVCF does have to be profitable or at least break even on its own to be viable. Early entries are a part of that and there is no reason to get rid of them and lose that extra income.

For those who don't want to pay for the early entry 10:30am is probably a reasonable opening time, and being open until 4pm means that people can arrive later if that suits them better. You don't have to be there from the start, and arriving a bit later also means you avoid the queues.

The BVWS committee members do put in a lot of unpaid time behind the scenes organising and running the NVCF. If it wasn't for that (and all time was paid) the event wouldn't be financially viable.

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