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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

I always price my items, even if it is only a 50p item, it makes it much easier for the buyers who can casually sift through my stock. I am always wary of pre-selling and avoid at all costs at BVWS members events where it is against the rules, but at the NVCF it is permitted so I just say "no discounts before early birds entry at 9.00". I am always concious of those waiting outside paying 25 to get in so I try to set a level playing field to be fair to those.
I like to keep the quality up and won't sell radios with missing knobs or broken scales and all items are basically working unless marked as "display only" on the descriptive price label.
It was a great day out and most of my stock found new homes although I had to turn down the buyer who wanted the pristine EKCO 208 transistor just for the volume control and the buyer who wanted the EKCO ACT96 (which had been in the same family since 1936) just for the knobs even though it was in working order.
Many thanks to the organisers and to the many people who visited me on the day, now for RWB!
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