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Default Re: NVCF Warwickshire Sunday 12th May

RE: Pricing items

I've had an NVCF stall a few times and I have to say that from the other side of the table priced items do sell much more reliably than unpriced ones.

But the real problem comes if, say, I'm moving stuff on from someone's shack clearout and I genuinely don't know what an item is worth. Looking at eBay's Completed Listings can be a great help with more common items. But if the thing is unusual there may be little guidance available.

All you can hope, as a seller, is that one of the small handful of people in the country who is actually looking for the power supply for that obscure piece of microwave test gear is going to walk past your stall and notice it. He's got an unpowered, so useless, gizmo and I've got the solution to his problem. What price should I have put on it ? If he hadn't turned up then it might have been worth a fiver to someone for parts. Given that he has it might be worth 25. Or 100 if it says HP on the front. All we can do is discuss it.


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