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Default Hands Electronics Kits. Documentation.

I been looking through the shed/shack and my files of amateur radio info, I had a thought- most radio kits without instructions is just a box/bag of bits with no chance of ever being built.
We have all seen unbuilt and built kits being for sale at rallies, most going at a tiny fraction of the original cost, 95 percent of the time the instructions have been miss placed or put in the bin because they are unimportant looking black and white printout or a photocopy.
In the past we have had some very good supplier of kits in the UK most are no longer trading so asking the supplier is not an option. Instruction can be found for some WPO kits - most were in Ham Radio Today, the GQRP club have the info for Howes kits, this leaves a few others.
In my collection of info I have scans for 20 Hands Electronics kits, I have up loaded one manual, all are less than 4MB most less than 2.5 MB.

I hope people can might find them of use keeping the old kits running or getting some built, and may give some people ideas for their own designs.

If a moderator says it is ok I will up load the rest.

Andrew G7SEG
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