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Default Repainting my Leaks TL12 plus! Came out pretty good!

So I wanted to share with you my successful attempt at refurbishing my lovely Leaks, they needed some TLC and I wanted to get them back to looking good again.

I bought these in this condition, the paint work was flaking and missing in some places, there were scratches and marks all over the place. One of them would need the whole chassis resprayed.

Now the problem is matching the paint and trying to keep the original colour and screen prints, this is what I wanted to do, to keep them as original as possible.

So the best way I thought to attempt it was to use an airbrush, as the paints you can get for them have come a long way in terms of quality and finishes. I also have various types of air brushes which allows me to paint as I need and wish, basically I can go very lightly and hit certain areas without over spraying etc.


One of the chassis would need a complete respray! As you can see it looked horrible.

So I used some wet and dry to sand flat the chip marks, scratches and removed the flaky paint around the amplifier.

I cleaned the dirt off with some alcohol based cleaner wiping and cleaning the dirt, old paint and dust off.
After that I carefully masked off the logo, valve bases and screen prints. Preparation is key here for a good finish, take your time.

Next was to use some black based primer to fill the scratches where needed, this was done carefully as I didn't want build too much of a thick layer, I lightly sprayed it on so it gently covered over the chassis, where there were deep scratches, missing paint I used more paint to build it up.

Mixing the paint to match the colour took time! But I managed to almost get a perfect match!

After it was all prepared, primed and cleaned I carefully blended and layered the paint!

Afterwards: It still needs a few touches here and there, I could also lay a MAT or SATIN varnish which would give it a nice metallic shine and finish it off. Still deciding this, I'll let it dry for 24 hours and see what it looks like, but so far I think you'll agree its 10 times better then what it was!

Next I have to sort the transformers and replace the black tape cover, can anyone recommended a suitable replacement? All in all a good day's work!
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