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Default Re: The "Sussex" Homebrew Valve Tester.

I have built the PCB, and have been accumulating parts for an eventual build.

(Anyone interested in thumbwheels? I am watching 8 sets of 12 thumbwheel switches on a local auction. Perhaps I could buy them and distribute?).

Anyway, it was not an easy journey to get to where I am because this has become a very long thread, and there have been quite a few fairly major revisions along the way. It seems to me that it would be quite brave of someone to attempt a build of this device today since the thread has lost some of its momentum, so help is not always forthcoming in a short time.

I would like to propose that the Sussex Valve Tester is relaunched in a completely new and sticky thread as the 'Sussex VT 2.0'. The first task would be to set the new baseline, with latest circuit, BOM, parts availability and documentation. That would enable people to build the current PCBs with confidence.

Next, I think it would be good to plan some improvements. From a tube testing POV, I think the original circuit has been great, and some enhancements from different users have cemented the design. However, as a keen valve enthusiast, I think it would be very nice if the power supply could be seperated from the valve tester. I would love to have a bench supply with supplies for B+ (up to 400V), screens (up to 400V), grid (up to 100V), and a variety of heaters. I.e. exactly what the power supply of this tester has to deliver. It ought to be possible to combine the functions of the tester and a PSU, making this the perfect device for a tube enthusiast.

The world of tube testers has changed a lot since the inception of the thread. I built a uTracer, that came in a complete kit with superlative instructions for €200. It does things that are tricky on an AVO, but the AVO also does things that it is not capable off (for example gas test and non-PCM filament heating).

That means there is still a big market for a device like the Sussex.

Would there be any interest in a combined Bench Supply/Tester? It is probably adaptable from the existing PCB, but some of the construction issues would need to be ironed out.

Anyway, just throwing the suggestion out there, to see if the tube lights up and a crackle comes out the speaker ;-)

Happy New Year All, or God Fortsättning, if you prefer ;-)
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