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Default Re: Cretinous idea - The combined volume pot and mains SW.

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
Absolutely cretinous. stupid in two ways.

I realy do want a new word adding to the English language: "Pessimised"

Like optimised, but in the opposite direction.

Many decades ago I had a dream wherein I created the word "colomendy". I spent years searching for it but it doesn't exist except in my dream where it means "doing something for someone which they badly need but doing it in the worst possible way, on purpose" . For example, a librarian filing every book in the wrong place, a car mechanic disconnecting everything so the fix takes far, far longer or an electrical engineer deliberately mixing mains wires and volume pots...all are colomendic behaviours.

I will let you have my word for free.
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