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Default Hello from Peterborough

I've just joined up as I am moving towards a new "hobby"

My other half goes to lots of auctions buying knick-nicks and all sorts of mid-century retro stuff. While I enjoy the people watching and even bid on a few bits and bobs (tools etc) I often see various radios, record players, tapes etc and it struck me that I could enjoy fiddling with these restoring/making them work again etc.

I have spent many years working in the IT industry but very much on the SOFT side of the house - it is many, many years since I took the cover off of any hardware.

I am not a complete numpty (well in my opinion) and am not totally ham-fisted so would like to think that I could cope with any fiddly bits but think I'd probably need a bit of a hand along the way - hence signing up here

My first "Project" might be very simple as it might "just" be a bit of a clean-up.
But I'd be grateful if anyone could suggest a basic checklist/step-by-step....

I have picked up (at the aforementioned auction) a
"UHER Report 4000 IC Automatic" Reel-Reel Tape
(it is actually in a nice "leather" case and cosmetically looks very nice)
It has a Sonnenschein dryfit A200 battery/powerpack - Which appears to be as flat as a pancake. It has a (handwritten) date March 94.
Is this likely to be rechargeable? (or just bin-fodder).
It also can take 5 D batteries (U2/SP2)

With the D batteries in "stuff happens"..... basically at a very superficial level "everything works... except PLAY"...

So this is where I thought a logical step-by-step process would be more beneficial than just poking it......

Any initial help most welcome - then no doubt I'll need to ask more detailed questions as it progresses.

Then I'll have to start on the various "Record Players" I've also got.....
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