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Well just down the street Nano. Probaly Mannings, that became Schofields. Bakers still there although they don't actually bake anymore. Tommy Topping the Butcher has the last original shop frontage with a stable half door. He's just retired. Will the frontage remain? Who knows I live behind the former Royal Oak Pub [now The Oaks] in what was the New Model Lodging House but I'm the owner not a lodger. What is your Rammy connection? Where you ever on the 9 meg cable distribution?

Bretski, I lived in Hull 1969 to 70. Worked in the Employment Exchange on the Docks. Fish and Chips with the fish straight from the North sea-amazing. Very poor but if you had any sort of job you could live like a king! BBC4 recently showed a Doc about the 1968 Fishing Boat disaster when the wives led the protest. On I Player. Does Nellies pub in Beverley still use a single tap in the wall and white jugs to dispense the beer?
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