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Default Re: Modern MK Safety Plug. Not impressed

Originally Posted by ColinB View Post
Might be an odd question, but why was equipment ever sold without a plug fitted to it? It must have been obvious that one would be needed immediately it was bought, before it could be used...

I know in the olden days there were a few different types of sockets floating around, but even then fitting what is most suitable would have made sense, wouldn't it? Surely more recently the 13A plug has been pretty well universal?
I guess that is exactly it. I never thought of myself as that old but I remember a fair old mix in my younger days. Round pin plugs were common, though we had the 'modern' ones in our house. When we cleared my Grandad's house, his vacuum cleaner had a very odd plug on it. Then it just dragged on with no plugs fitted even where the modern ones were massively in the majority.
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