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Default Re: Interesting organ.

It's certainly a buyer's market for second-hand (no pun intended) electronic organs. Houses are getting smaller and a digital keyboard can be up-ended and shoved in a wardrobe (or in the wheelie bin/back of car) when little Felicity gets bored with it.

The organs sold by the thousands in the 70's are worthless, unless it's a sort that's been featured on any famous record, such as a Hammond tonewheel, Vox Continental or that sort of thing. It's a shame, as they're a work of art inside, particularly the Conn in the thread. All modular, each set of voices on its own boards, lovely switch gear, cabinet work and amplifiers. Hand-tied looms, rows of early ics and transistors.

Although not in the spirit of the forum, they are a huge source of useful parts
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