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Default Re: Interesting organ.

An elderly friend of mine had an even more impressive Organ Console about a decade ago [dark wood no pipes] within a room almost identical to the one in the photo! I think it's a generational thing and issues of space/styling etc-hence no real demand. We used to say that about Radiograms but so far, there hasn't been fashion to up-cycle these items by re-painting them in white or vivid colours.

"Charity" Shops are pretty much Corporate Re-Cyclers these days and have their own professional agenda. Ultimately they may have to refuse or throw a lot of items out in the end but maybe not organs. When challenged on pricing it's often claimed that there has been an "expert" valuation but that can make no sense. They've nothing to lose I suppose because someone mighty think "the "price is right" especially if they are influenced by how expensive these items were in their day! My late father in law was an accomplished keyboard player but someone in his family bought him an organ. He would not have been able to purchase one himself at the time. He left two behind which is wife still has. We may try to hold on to the smaller oner in due course but selling them? Overall it's supply and demand/auction rules.

My friend knew people in the Church of Scotland and her item was eventually donated to a grateful congregation there all the way from Lancashire. I think she may have even paid the transport costs!

Dave W
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