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Default Re: Help with some old TV tubes.

Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
An update on this. The Aquadag arrived 4 or 5 days ago and I have just got around to trying it. I used a blade to first scrap off as much of the loose stuff as possible, thisshowed large areas where there were clear tracks all over the screen, so I went further and followed it up with water and a plastic scrub, finally with a wipe down with acetone getting back to the glass.

The neck, screen and anode areas masked off with tape I tried one of the bottles, gave it a rigorous shake and poured some out into a small jar to brush on. What a waste of money in my mind, it is extremely runny has no adhesion to the glass at all, it also had no smell and as I was expecting it to have some form of odour to it. So I suspect it is just a pure water suspension. I will leave what I have got on it for several days and may consider pouring out the other bottles into a larger jar and letting the water slowly evaporate and try again in a week or so time.

Perhaps it is me, I am expecting it to brush on like a paint after watching one of the Early Television Museum youtube videos?

As said earlier, it is supposed to be a colloidal solution in water, so no smell.
Make absolutely certain that you mix the fluid extremely well. It tends to settle towards the bottom of the bottle and clumps together. Give it a very, very good stir.
It usually is not as thick as paint, but it should also not be as runny as water.
I had good results with it in the past, but what I used was coming from a different source as yours.
As also indicated earlier, Graphit 33 spray also works well.

Success with the stirring and application!

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