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Default Re: Help with some old TV tubes.


That aquadag look fine to me. No information on resistance values though, but the actual resistance of the aquadag layer is not critical, as long as it has a fairly low value. Just test with a multimeter.

Basically aquadag is a colloidal solution of graphite in water, so drying in normal room temperature is fine. And you do not introduce stress in the glass this way.

For removal just use any procedure that works for you.
For the looser parts I use a knife (to scrape it off). It will dissolve somewhat in water, but not too good, so just using a wet cloth will not be the only way to get rid of it.
When all loose particles are removed, it is best to clean the glass with some IPA or other alcohol to ensure good adhesion.

It is all a lot easier than I describe.

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