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Default Re: Enlarging an existing hole in a steel chassis.

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All this would be too much hard work for me. Instead
how does that work when theres already a 19mm hole
You have to put masking tape on the work surface and make a few pencil marks around a circle centred on the hole you want to expand and with the diameter of the Q-Max die. Place the die, using the pencil marks, so it's also centered on the hole, drop the screw through, use the screw to pull the punch up to the other side of the metal, one last check that everything's still centred and then start tightening the screw in earnest. 1.5mm might be close to the limit for cutting a thin ring, but with a relatively small diameter punch I'd certainly give it a try. Perhaps the biggest worry is the thickness of the steel chassis, which is also close to the Q-Max limit.


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