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Default Re: Battery Boxes.

But this is a new design of set. 10AH is 12 to 14 hrs filament supply
About x3 as many valves as traditional battery set. The pair of valves for Loudspeaker push-pull and TX RF PA use 220mA each. The rest of the valves are 16mA, 24mA, 54mA or 60mA depending on type. I might run 3 x D cells, one each for the two o/p pentodes and one for rest of radio. That would give 35 to 40hrs. (Target is a few days use between charges)

Yes. Fuse absolutely. Also software based "turbo" chargers are interesting to debug!

Some radios did originally have an LT box with 6 x D cells. But being Zinc Carbon, they probably less than one Modern Alkaline or NiMH D Cell.

The only LSD high Capacity D Cell (10AH) I found so far is about $12 plus postage and import tax/VAT. Each. Still, if you get 200 to 400 cycles it's a lot cheaper than Alkaline? ( Frankly I ignore claims of 1000 cycles).

I looked again at "giving in" and hiding an inverter in a battery box. But because it's such a meaty radio design, and not a simple "Lady Margaret" (4 valves?) you end up needing 4x or 6x 10AH D cells. The 2500mA AA are simply "best value" Watt Hour vs money you can get. AAA cost nearly as much and are 1/2 capacity or less. C cells cost 2x as much each (4/5ths Watt.Hour value) and "real" D cells are nearly x12 as much each (1/3rd Watt.Hour value).

BTW all the comments appreciated.

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