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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Since the program is just a text file you can obviously edit the timings in the program itself and they stay set to whatever you eventually find works best for you - putting that functionality (of playing with the values while the program is running, and saving them in a named config file) is more the sort of thing which would suit a GUI version of the program, with menus from which to pick or tweak parameters such as the timing and also the 'OS mode' in which the program runs, currently set by the value of a flag in the early part of the program.

It's not ideal to have to edit the program itself to modify its behaviour, but when I made it originally I made it for one type of MK14, the theory being that all machines had the exact same hardware and would work with one experimentally determined set of timing values which would not need to be changed once arrived at. I didn't initially support the 'old' OS, so the need to be able to select that was an afterthought as well, and I had absolutely no idea that the designer of the JMP replica had gone with a different keypad connector connection layout so that wasn't factored in either - hence the creation of a JMP specific version of the interface, once Tim had made that discovery.
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