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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Originally Posted by SiriusHardware View Post
(Brought across from the Ortonview PCB thread, so the uploader PCB can be discussed in more detail without bouncing that thread too far off topic)

Its worth fitting the 2x20 header for the Pi in conjunction with the 16 way DIP socket as they fit flush together
I'm probably going to solder SMD TLP185s to the opto pads as they grow on trees at work so for me at least, clearance should not be a problem. Since you've already built one and it works I don't expect to have to remove any of the optos once fitted.

I take it the output connections from P4 are in 'conventional MK14' (not JMP) order and spacing and are an exact one for one match to the edge connector on the MK14 - I notice there is nothing connected to pads 9 and 11 counting up from the 'R1' end. It might be an idea to include a drawing of the wiring of the [uploader -> MK14] interconnection lead if you have not already put one in. To be fair, consider also including the alternative wiring which will be required if the target MK14 is a JMP replica.
The wiring for a Issue VI and the standard MK14 is 1-1 from the uploader to the MK14, I wired all 16 wires even though the uploader doesn't use pads 9 & 11. When I do the "manual" for the board I will include wiring for the JMP which I recall you documented earlier. I did it this way in case I decided to use a 2x16 dupont style connector on the MK14 which I prefer to edge connectors since the MK14 doesn't have a location slot for an alignment key.

Its worth soldering in the optos. I've found the 4 pin DIP chips are a bit "wobbly" in the sockets because they have so few pins! Its not caused problems yet, but its possible it might in the long run if the springiness of the sockets deteriorates. And it shouldn't be too hard to desolder a 4 pin chip should the need arise.
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