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Default AVO 8 Mk5, should I attempt repair, or send it to a repairer?

Hi to the group,

I'm in the middle of fault finding an RF amplifier, and in the process, i managed to knock my trusty AVO 8 off the bench. It fell about 3 foot onto a solid floor. i turned to see it fall, all in slow motion (My digital fluke would have bounced...)

Now it no longer works.

Both batteries are ok and in place, and the fuse is ok. There's nothing obvious and it doesn't rattle.

I'm now stuck as i can't progress the amplifier as i will need to check 2,600v DC I also have another AVO 8, but it only goes up to 1,000v so...

Do i try and fix something that I've never opened before, or send to some one (who though??)

The meter wont measure anything, V, A, or R so i'm guessing it's something common to everything... the meter needle still appears to be free moving..

Any help or advise would be appreciated.


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