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Default Re: INS8073 - What I wanted, but never got.

Adding the schematic that I created when testing the samples from a local supplier. Maybe a useful reference for the interface to a USB serial adapter. I found the hardware flow control does not work correctly but I think this is down to the USB serial adapter as that is quite a common problem, though easily solved by adding a delay between characters sent by the terminal emulator.

The memory interface that I used was to connect to an RC2014 bus which is z80 based so I used 74LS682 to decode a 256 byte memory mapped IO.

I used battery backed RAM for memory and store the reset configuration in ram using a z80 with toggle switches, then swap back to the 8073 to run NIBL at 4800 baud.

After finding out that the 8060 can run at 8MHz I've been thinking of testing the 8073 at 8MHz, which would give 9600 Baud, but I didn't get round to trying it yet.
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