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Default Re: B9A plug

Five unused ones available here too:

Incidentally, the AT5 9-pin power supply socket arrangement poses a hazard to the unwary, in that the male plug is fitted on the lead from the power supply to the transmitter and plugs into a female socket on the rear of the transmitter. From a safety perspective, it ought to have been the other way around, because the male plug from the PSU is live with HT and is only safe when plugged into the transmitter.

Of course, CODAR assumed that users of the equipment would be alert this hazard and would take precautions. However, in the admittedly unlikely event that the plug came out of the TX socket with the PSU switched on, and came into contact with anything metallic or a finger, there could be undesirable consequences. I had an AT5 for a while, and was unimpressed with the single pole slide switches switching mains and HT.

Very poor - even by the standards of the day. Woeful by today's standards.

But now - as back then - with all such equipment, it's a case of 'ride at your own risk'.
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