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Default Re: Battery box and socket details.

Here is 1978 Chloride Exide Catalogue connections. The Catalogue had Winner 9 Grid Bias, B101 (the small valve portable like Philips and Vidor Vagabond), B104, B126 (for the hat box portables, LT AD28, AD4 and AD35 all in LT section) and B136 for Sky Queen, Prince, King, Lord. No pack for Sky Emperor.
I thought sales of Valve Batteries ceased in 1968!
The Winner 9 has 1.5V taps so was used in Schools Physics labs. (H1001). It was first produced in 1920s. Of course the D sized cells produced from about 1899 and AA size before 1914 for "pen lights". (The A, B, C, D, E, F, G, AA sizes though are 1947 designations). B and F cells still exist in 1289 packs (still common on continent) and PJ996 packs.
Dry battery cycle lamps date from about 1906 as they needed the Tungsten Bulbs. Earlier dry battery torches really were "Flashlights" due to lack of depolariser and carbon filament bulb.

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Full size in PDF as the Forum shrinks images.

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