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Default Re: The BBC 1 Valver!

Originally Posted by Ed_Dinning
Hi Gents, on a similar vein does anyone remeber the "Radio for Boys" book with its 1 to 4 valve TRF project as well as mains and battery superhets?
I built the 1 to 4 valve TRF and my son, (now 24) did the same when he was 8. I also built the mains superhet, much to my mothers concern. I still have the book and can provide copies if anyone needs them.

Yes! I remember reading this at the (primary) school library and drooling over it. I had never seen a HT battery before, and wondered how in earth they got this voltage on them. Sadly, the prices of the parts were well out of reach
We had an old Lissen portable - I guess early-mid 30s - at home, with a moving iron speaker and swing-out frame aerial, but it was not working, and had no batteries.
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