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Default Re: SMITHS "servomotor" 1111SCM-2

Hi chaps, thanks for the replies and help...

I can see what you're thinking as I initially did think the same.... however, I am convinced that these are motors, not synchros or resolvers / RVDT (even though they look almost identical at a glance).

The main reasons for this conviction are:

- They drive a gear-train that has a massive gear ratio reduction before getting to the indicator, so it has to rotate really quite fast to move the indicator.

- They state a torque and max speed on the markings.

- The same gear-train also has a synchro control transmitter attached at the other end to feed back the indicator position to the control circuitry, meaning they must be the motor to drive the gear-train.

- They are called "Servomotors" on the markings.

I can find online information on quadrature phase motors, but only with a Ref and single Control coil, nothing for motors with two Control coils.

With the feedback synchros, I have in my head a software concept for a way to read the angles, still to try it, but that's another topic.

Cheers, Scott.
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