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Default Re: Black oxide coating on brass

Originally Posted by emeritus View Post
'...ensured that I never had any problems with prints deteriorating due to incomplete fixing. It also meant that my exhausted fixer was absolutely saturated with silver.'
I don't have a darkroom any more, so just develop film in a dark bag and scan the negs. I use Ilford rapid fixer but always leave it for about five mins at least (you can't over-fix film!). Once I get a 'retirement' darkroom made I'll use enough fixer to harvest the waste silver.

I used to use Paterson Acufix (An Accufix is a LORAN receiver made by Megapulse, which is probably why it tripped off the fingers so readily!) when we had a works 'club' darkroom back in the early '90s and I used to print there.

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